Breaking through the exuberant native forest and finding marvelous views are some of the possibilities you can have moving forward, on the specially authorized ways, in the company of our expert guides, who are certified and authorized by the authority (Forest National Service, CONAF).

Hiking and Trekking are the main entertaining and touristic activities that can be done walking through the primitive nature of the National Park. These activities have authorized routes, which are identify in maps and geographic charts using advanced techniques –known for our guides- that allow to get to know the island and at the same time to protect the native and endemic flora.

Hiking, in general, do not require special equipment of progression when the excursions have a low or middle difficulty degree. These walkings can last from 2 hours to one day, this last one includes picnic. On the other hand, Trekking implies to sleep out and can last two days or more, in general it has a middle difficulty.

Permanently, scientists from all over the world arrive to these islands, following a historic tradition which was opened in the past by important naturalists such as: Maria Graham, Carlos Betero, Claudio Gay, R.A. Philippi, Federico Johow and Carlos Scottsberg.

Our Routes

Excursionists fond of nature have already discovered the island virtues, recognizing this place as an unique natural reservation all over the world, where the nature creative exuberance takes people’s breath away. We invite you to visit with our tourist guides the Archipelago Juan Fernandez National Park. Know our rates.

French Port Excursion

Duration: 6 hours – Difficulty: Middle.
Boat departure to French Port. Landing. Walk to La Piña o la Pascua. Walking between Lumas, Naranjillos, Canelos forests and Ferns, which are native and endemics species of a great botanic importance. Coming back we will enjoy for lunch a delicious grilled fish.

English Port Excursion

Duration: 2 hours – Difficulty: Low.
Excursion to English Port, where we will have a historic-archeological walk visiting Robinson Crusoe’s cave and the excavation area which was done to look for a treasure that was buried in eighteenth century.

Centinela – Rabanal Hill Excursion

Duration: 5 hours – Difficulty: Middle.
We will walk on a beautiful road, between forests and rivers, which will take us to the Centinela hill (362 m.s.n.m.). In this place we will visit the ruins of an old radio station, which long time ago had the responsibility to communicate this land, in the middle of sea, with the far away continent.

Village Tour

Duration: 2 hours – Difficulty: Low.
Visiting San Juan Bautista town we will learn about the most important economic activity of the island: the lobster fishing, we will also see the carpentry and the “Caleta”, where we’ll know the fishing boats and traps. During this day we will visit: Santa Barbara Fort, monument where the Spaniard sovereignty was defended in the eighteenth century; The Caves of the Patriots that gave shelter to those exiled who fought for the independence of Chile in 1815; the projectiles that were used for the English ships Kent and Glasgow against the German ship Dresden in the World War I, and the “Casa de la Cultura” (Cultural House) where will find pieces of the German vessel.

CONAF Exposition Center Tour

Duration: 2 hours – Difficulty: Low.
We will visit CONAF’s areas (National Forest Corporation), where we can find native and endemic flora nurseries which belong to the In-situ Program, which is part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago Conservation, Restoration and development Project. In the Interactive Center will be an informative conference with photographic material for our visitants to be prepared to enjoy this unforgettable expedition.

Selkirk Mirador Excursion (altitude: 1,853 ft)

Duration: 4 hours – Difficulty: Middle.
Going up little by little, following a CONAF interpretative route, we will get into the native forest of this biosphere world reservation; after two hours we will arrive to the place where Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish marine, was staring the horizon day after day looking for a boat that would save him of his voluntary exile. In this place there are two plaques for Selkirk adventure, one left by the marines of a British ship named Topaze and another one left by a direct descendent of the Scottish corsair.

Plazoleta El Yunque Excursion

Duration: 3 hours – Difficulty: Low.
We will get into the park through a native flora track looking ferns and Canelos, in our way we will find the red hummingbirds, unique specie in the world. And we will get to a small square, place where Hugo Weber lived, who was one of the survivors of the Dresden German ship sank in the Cumberland Bay during the First World War.