Diving and snorkel

The archipelago clear sea is a truly unforgettable experience for those who practice scuba diving or just enjoy snorkeling.

The Archipelago, away of the Humboldt Current, is watered by subantarctic and subtropical currents which determine the water temperature that goes up and down according to the season, during summer gets to 20 Celsius degrees. This temperature, nice for diving, allows a great biodiversity of fishes and a high amount of endemic species, which have a mayor bond with areas of Polynesia, being its origin in distant places such as New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.

The volcanic origin of this Archipelago gave shape to a submarine landscape of singular geography. Low shelving, caves and cracks are good for the lives of many species: morays, pulps, lobsters, anemones gardens and actinias of a great variety of colors inhabit the rocky shapes of the bottom of this sea.